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Athlete centered with an emphasis on a training plan that fits the athlete's life as opposed to getting the athlete to change their life to fit their training. I put a big emphasis on swim fitness as I am a big believer that this discipline dictates how the whole race will go. You may not win on the swim but you can definitely lose there! I do my best to help athletes establish goals that are measurable and attainable and then develop a process whereby we can work together towards accomplishing them.

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I am an emergency physician and longtime triathlete with over two decades in the sport. I have qualified and raced more than half a dozen times at the 70.3 World Championships and twice at the Ironman World championships in Kona. Since 2018 I have been producing the TriDoc podcast and operating TriDoc Coaching under LifeSport Coaching



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3 reviews
  • Jim Mitchell

    I started doing sprint triathlons 2 years ago at age 70 after not being able to do much exercise for 40 years due to knee problems. After knee replacement I began to get more active primarily with walking and riding an exercise bike. After getting “hooked” by the 2 sprint triathlons I got “crazy”(according to my family) and decided to do an Ironman 70.3. I knew I needed a coach and wanted to find a physician who would be able to take into account my age (72 at the start of training) and my knee replacement.
    I could not have been in better hands than with Jeff. Although he worked me harder than I expected he was able to justify everything he expected of me and I felt stronger each week of training. He pushed me to swim more than I wanted and was very encouraging along the way.
    I completed the Waco Ironman 70.3 yesterday with a time of 7:52 which although not great was much better than I expected (I was hoping for 8:25!!). I can say that I felt that I was very prepared for the event and I owe most of that to Jeff.
    I will continue to use him as I maintain my fitness, prepare for a marathon and get ready for another 70.3 in the near future.
    Great coach!!

  • Matt

    Coach Jeff has made a big impact in a short amount of time. The investment in his expertise has been well worth it, and let me tell you why.
    -I used to get injured and be sidelined from exercise at the worst times… and now he helps me work through minor pains and it hasn’t progressed to a derailing injury.
    -He has helped me achieve three Half-Ironman personal records in the 4 races I’ve done under his guidance.
    -I’ve seen my best run splits in a decade.
    -I had a strong finish in my first full Ironman.
    -Logistically, he lives several states away, so coaching is done via email, phone calls, and texts. I’m a busy dad and this is very do-able.
    -He’s smart, approachable, and has a great sense of humor.
    Hiring Jeff is easily the most impactful investment I have made in my athletic career.

  • admin

    Jeff has been coaching me for almost a year now and he has trained me to a point were I set a PB and qualified for the 70.3 World Championships twice, all across the span of two races.

    Besides his long racing history and his medical background, the fact that he started out as a middle-of-the-pack racer and grew to being a front-of-the pack racer is what he brings to the table. He can see things from an age-grouper’s perspective and understand their challenges.

    His training approach is balanced which is what I need. I have a full-time job, a family, and the usual commitments and somehow he gives me enough that I can fit it all in but not so much that it interferes with the rest of my life. And the fact that I’m in Singapore and he’s in the US isn’t really an issue.

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