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Bachelor of Science (Exercise Physiology), University of Melbourne.
We offer one level of coaching to the athletes we take on, unlike other coaching services. We make ourselves available to answer training questions and/or make changes to your schedule when you need it. After establishing your athletic background, we plan a training regimen according to your racing goals. Week-by-week training schedules are delivered via the online platform Training Peaks. This frequency allows us to tailor your training as your body adapts and take into consideration your personal life, fitness level and resources.

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Martin Spierings competed in his first triathlon in Port Melbourne, Australia in 1989 at the age of 12, when there were no coaches or junior programs. Self-coached using a well worn copy of Dave Scott's Triathlon Training, he used the athletes and resources around him to devise his own training plans in this new sport. He followed his interests in Exercise Physiology majoring in Physiology and Psychology as part of a Bachelor of Science/Arts at the University of Melbourne. He participated as a subject in many PhD studies on carbohydrate metabolism at the exercise physiology lab on campus and learned from the top amateur Australian triathletes and sports scientists residing there at the time .


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