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British Triathlon Level 3 Coach, Triathlon Australia Performance Coach, IRONMAN Certified Coach
There are three things that I believe are essential to making progress in Triathlon: consistency, sustainability and balance to your training with the right recovery.

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Professional Triathlon & IRONMAN coaching with an internationally accredited Triathlon Coach with over 15 years experience.
I specialise in coaching age-group triathletes aiming to better their performance.
F4L Triathlon Coaching is my full time occupation. I will use my coaching experience to apply the knowledge gained through qualifications and physical coaching individuals and groups, that will help you to achieve your goals and keep you improving for years to come!

I have a passion for Triathlon and performance – I have coached triathletes to podiums of some of the world’s most illustrious races, and understand what it takes to succeed at any level. I thrive on coaching, motivating and inspiring others to do achieve their goals.

“To take your training and racing to the next level, the investment you need to make is a Coach. Paul is someone who makes you accountable for your training. Not just showing up, but to be present and focused in the sessions. His feedback is invaluable, he has a wealth of information from his years of experience” - Darryl

I am a British Triathlon Level 3 Coach. I am also a Triathlon Australia Performance Coach and an IRONMAN Certified Triathlon Coach.
I am based in the UK. Athletes I have coached have raced at Hawaii Ironman, Challenge Worlds, Ironman 70.3 Worlds and won medals at ITU World and European Championships. .

I offer professional coaching services for triathletes who are passionate about the sport of triathlon. I coach to enable athletes to develop and assist them in achieving their goals in racing, be it local races or IRONMAN 70.3 or IRONMAN or Challenge events or at age group competitions at the national level.
I believe that everyone is an individual & everyone must do what’s right for them



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F4L Triathlon Coaching 6 reviews

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6 reviews
  • James Potter

    If you’re looking for a triathlon coach who is professional, friendly, supportive and will help you to achieve your goals – then you’re in the right place!

    Paul has been by my side throughout my triathlon journey. From learning the basics and completing my first races, to stepping into Ironman and finally qualifying for the GB Age Group team (something far beyond what I thought was possible when I started!).
    As I’ve moved from beginner to a more experienced triathlete, Paul has shaped my programme and his support to my abilities (so no matter what your starting point, or your goals – I can confidently say Paul will be able to provide the support you need).

    I couldn’t recommend Paul more highly.

  • Shawn Laws

    Paul took from a mediocre athlete who over trained and overthought everything to GB age group qualification. Along the way I attended training camps, swim analysis and various sessions. Paul was by my side all the way to provide advice, answer countless questions and keep me on track. Highly recommend

  • Chris Jones

    Paul guided me from complete Triathlon novice to IronMan in 7 months. Results speak for themselves.

  • Isobel Fergusson

    Paul is a pleasure to work with – he’s flexible, understanding, and his coaching goes far beyond just uploading workouts into TrainingPeaks.

  • Emanuel

    Paul is an experienced coach who prepared me perfectly for my first Ironman. His coaching approach is professional, personal and customized to the athletes needs.

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