IronmanHacks now brings you a database of triathlon and endurance coaches.

Athletes can search the database for coaches that fit their criteria – whether it’s certifications, areas of specialization, or where they live.

The IronmanHacks coach database is marketed to athletes via our ecosystem of digital touchpoints which include:

  1. A YouTube channel
  2. The IronmanHacks website
  3. A newsletter
  4. The IronmanHacks Facebook group
  5. The IronmahHacks Discord channel
  6. And of course, one of our biggest sources of traffic which is from Google searches!
I started Ironman Hacks to share my love of triathlon with others

Ironman Hacks originally started as a list of notes I wrote for myself on how to improve my triathlon racing. I had compiled many pointers, and figured I may as well put them all online.

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In addition, I have built a number of other tools for the triathlete. They include:

  • A triathlon nutrition calculator with 300+ common endurance foods in the database. Use this calculator to determine your optimum fueling during a race.
  • A multisport pace calculator. Add up any combination of swim, transitions, bike, and run times easily.
  • A race planning app which includes the nutrition calculator, a packing checklist, and a record of your prior race times.
  • A pacing chart to convert miles to km or km to miles and to see what paces are required to finish common distances in certain times.

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